Stand out with smart parking for your residential clients.

  • more parked cars without extra parking slots
  • provide extra value for your clients and the community
  • build green projects and become ESG compliant

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What is ParkingAround?

Smart parking solution on a mission to make parking easier while benefiting communities and the environment around us. By bringing innovative technology to parking, we help residents to make the most of their parking space potential. Learn more about the benefits for your residents.

Parking is complicated.

Parking is expensive to build & maintain but underused on day to day basis. Tenants often need additional parking for visitors, couriers or service workers.

With ParkingAround, you can give your tenants extra comfort by avoiding hustle around parking arrangements, gain more hours of parked cars & earn commission on top of that.

Win - win solution for everyone.

How can we help
companies like yours?

Develop greener projects with intelligent parking spaces while saving on construction costs of parking. Increase life quality of the future residents and help create community with sharing and guest reservation system of their individual parking spots while keeping their property secure. Allow parking spot owners to profit when they are not at home or not using their parking.

  • Get extra value for your clients
  • Protect, manage and monetize unsold spaces
  • Build green projects

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