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Maximize parking efficiency within limited spaces, enhance your building's ESG rating, and deliver tangible benefits to your community.

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What is
ParkingAround? underline

The only Smart Share Parking System you'll ever need, making parking easier while benefiting communities and the environment around us. By leveraging IoT technology for parking, we help companies, their employees, individual residents, retail & hospitality centers, and municipal facilities, to make the most of their parking space potential.

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Enhance employee parking with ParkingAround by expanding available options without increasing space. Benefit from seamless integration of hardware and software for effortless management and consolidated invoicing.

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Elevate residential projects with smart parking solutions, reducing the need for extensive parking infrastructure. Enhance resident satisfaction through a sharing and guest reservation system, ensuring security and profitability for parking spot owners when away.

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Leverage smart technology to streamline urban parking, decreasing congestion and emissions. Municipalities gain from increased efficiency, access to real-time utilization data, and dynamic pricing, promoting a more organized and sustainable urban landscape.

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Retail & Hospitality

Improve the customer journey in retail and hospitality sectors with straightforward parking solutions. Facilitate effortless reservations and space management, improving guest satisfaction and driving revenue with better parking space utilization.

Who benefits the most from ParkingAround ?

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Enhance asset value and parking efficiency with dynamic management and insightful analytics.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager

Simplify operations and improve parking space utilization with seamless, integrated solutions.



Enjoy convenient, secure parking across work, home, and leisure environments.

ParkingAround increases parking capacity by 30% !

Mobile App

Find, Book, Share & Pay for parking with ease. Our intuitive mobile app is designed to minimize drivers' and parking owners' interactions with parking.

For Parking Space Owners

  • Share parking spots with family, friends, or the public
  • Monetize unused parking spaces
  • Transparently manage parking assets
  • Receive real-time osed parking spaces
  • Transparently manage parking assets
  • Receive real-time occupancy updates
  • Get security alerts

For Drivers

  • Reserve parking spots in advance
  • Access real-time occupancy information
  • Enjoy transparent, hassle-free payments

Where does ParkingAround help?

Unlock seamless parking solutions for every sector: corporate, retail, municipal, real estate, healthcare, and hospitality.


Corporate Parking

  • Provide & manage parking for all your employees
  • Invite & navigate your guests
  • Boost your ESG rating


Corporate Parking


Retail Parking

  • Streamline customer access to enhance shopping experience.
  • Use dynamic pricing for peak times to maximize revenue.
  • Implement loyalty programs to encourage repeat visits.


Retail Parking


Municipal Parking

  • Optimize public space utilization and reduce congestion.
  • Leverage real-time parking information.
  • Support environmental goals with data-driven parking policies.


Municipal Parking


Residential Parking

  • Offer secure, reserved parking for residents and their guests.
  • Enable sharing and monetization of unused spaces.
  • Enhance property value with smart parking amenities.


Residential Parking


Hospital Parking

  • Prioritize parking for patients and healthcare workers.
  • Implement wayfinding solutions for stress-free navigation.
  • Facilitate emergency vehicle access with intelligent space management.


Hospital Parking


Hotel Parking

  • Provide VIP parking and valet services for guests.
  • Integrate parking reservations with room bookings.
  • Enhance guest experience with seamless entry and exit.


Hotel Parking


Provide more parking with same space capacity, now with smooth EV charger integration.

ParkingAround? underline

Boost Efficiency, Sustainability, and Community Engagement

Shared parking pool

Increase parking spot utilization and profits

Reduced search & idling time

Decrease CO₂ emissions

Transparent parking rules & reservations

Peace of mind for residents and employees

Real-time data & monitoring

Hassle-free management for tenants & landlords

Social parking & gamification

Reinforce communal standards

Green gains

Boost your ESG rating


Elevate your parking management with tracking, effortless invoicing, and tailored reservation systems all in one place.

Management Portal
  • Reservation rules
  • User Groups
  • Usage statistics
  • Real-Time occupancy
  • Simple Invoicing
  • Guest Invitations & navigations
  • Parking designer

How does it work? underline


Integrated with most parking system providers

Skidata Villapro Triton

Elevate your experience
with IoT hardware

ParkingAround serves as a comprehensive standalone solution, yet it truly shines when integrated with Fleximodo devices. This synergy offers real-time data for complete oversight, enabling prompt responses to unauthorized parking and ensuring that your spaces remain secure.

Fleximodo hardware integration

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