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Parking is expensive to build & maintain but underused on a day-to-day basis. Tenants often need additional parking for visitors, couriers, or service workers. With ParkingAround, asset owners and facility managers can give your tenants extra comfort by avoiding hustle around parking arrangements, gain more hours of parked cars & earn commission on top of that.

We know the struggles

Why ParkingAround?

By bringing innovative technology to parking, we help commercial developers, asset owners, facility managers, companies and employees to make the most of their parking space potential.

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with the same space


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How does it work?

ParkingAround is a long-lasting, plug-and-play solution for efficient parking management. It streamlines not only parking but also EV charger sharing and operation services. When paired with Fleximodo's dependable IoT parking devices, ParkingAround creates a truly automated and reliable system. After all, a strong foundation of hardware and software is key to a successful solution.

ANPR Camera

ANPR cameras automatically read and recognize license plates upon entry and exit. This eliminates the need for manual checking, ensuring only authorized vehicles access the parking lot.


Proprietary IoT device enabling the communication between LoRa (Long Range) devices and the internet allowing providing real-time information to users.


ParkingAround's cloud architecture storing and protecting your data.


Find, Book, Share & Pay for parking with ease. Our intuitive mobile app is designed to minimize drivers' and parking owners' interactions with parking.

EV Charging

Share EV charging spots efficiently within the parking house.


Fleximodo IoT parking sensors enable monitoring parking occupancy of the spot real-time.

EV Display

Information display guiding you to empty parking spots.

Management Portal

Your all-in-one reservation system enabling tracking, effortless invoicing and a creation of parking policy.

Supercharge your ESG strategy with ParkingAround

Key benefits

Owners/ Facility

  • Provide more parking with the same space
  • Increase revenue and parking utilization
  • ESG compliant
  • E-charging protection and billing
  • Allow parking sharing between tenants within the building
  • Real-time occupancy and parking rules enforcement
  • Simple invoicing, credit system, usage statistics per individual spot
  • EV charging optimization


  • Provide more parking with the same space
  • Faire usage policy - parking rules setup
  • ESG compliant
  • Assign value to your parking benefits
  • Share parking with other companies within the building
  • Efficient guest parking management and navigation
  • Simple invoicing and credit system
  • EV charging optimization


  • All-in-one parking management app
  • Book your parking in 2 clicks.
  • Get notifications
  • Make your bookings weeks ahead
  • Real-time request parking from your colleagues
  • EV charging access

EV Charging

ParkingAround unlocks the potential of existing EV charging infrastructure. By enabling EV owners to share their private charging stations when unused, we significantly increase the efficiency of the current network.

For facility managers:

  • monitor usage in real time
  • effectively manage
  • enforce parking policies

For employees:

  • Reserve parking spots in advance
  • Access real-time occupancy information
  • Enjoy transparent, hassle-free payments
EV Charging
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